Enabling Openness: The future of the information society

Info25EnTítulo: Enabling Openness: The future of the information society in Latin America and the Caribbean

The so-called “digital divide” has moved beyond a matter solely concerned with media and resources to become an issue of governance. It has emerged as a determining factor in the development of social and political practices that enable or restrict the possibilities of access and social incorporation of ICTs in government-citizen relations. As such, the question of the sustainability and depth of Latin American democracies is no longer related to the use by governments of the latest technology, but rather the incorporation of technologies to mediate the issue of citizen digital inclusion.

Cita Bibliográfica:  Jiménez-Ocampo Sandro (2013); «How we can deliver on the promise of open, direct, real-time democracy in response to current demands for citizen digital inclusion in Latin America and the Caribbean? » in: Bruce Girard y Fernando Perini; Enabling Openness: The future of the information society in Latin America and the Caribbean; Fundación Comunica (Uruguay) e International Development Research Centre (Canadá).

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